Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie
Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie
Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie
Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie
Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie

Persona 5 Royal Morgana Plushie

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Delve into the enchanting world of Persona 5 Royal!

This mystical feline, derived from the innovative universe by Atlus, promises to inject mystery and charm into your life. At 26 cm tall, Morgana is the ideal companion for cuddles and grand adventures, symbolizing a journey of self-discovery.

Our plushie is more than just irresistibly soft; it also champions sustainability. Morgana's stuffing is composed of recycled, certified polyester, manifesting an eco-friendly pledge. This commitment extends to the hangtag, constructed from recycled cardboard and printed with eco-friendly inks, exhibiting our dedication to minimal environmental impact.

Invite Morgana into your life to accompany you on your personal quests, whether it's puzzle-solving, dungeon-conquering, or simply seeking comfort. His allure and adorable demeanor will transform your everyday life into a whimsical adventure. As an embodiment of sustainable practices and the Persona 5 Royal magic, Morgana is ready to make each moment with him uniquely memorable!

Size and contents

  • Large : 26cm / 10.23in


angel Super-soft materials make for comfortable cuddling
☁️ Filled with prime PP Cotton
yes Safe for children over 3 years of age
❤️ Allergy friendly

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Plushie Care

Prevention is always best, take care of your plushie and show them some love! Give them a home, be it on your bed or on the sofa and keep them off the floor. However well loved plushies can eventually get grubby, so here are some approaches to restoring their natural beauty.

Light cleaning

More often than not, light stains can be removed with water and a microfibre cloth. Use a new toothbrush or soft nail brush to comb the fur and free any dirt. If your plushies spend a lot of their time static, routinely vacuum them. Keep fluffy plushies groomed.

Hand washing

For more effective cleaning, hand-wash them. Where possible, unzip your plushie and remove its cotton fluffy insides, storing them safely in a ziplock or carrier bag. Fill a clean sink or bucket with lukewarm water and dilute a small amount of laundry detergent, ideally a hand-wash product designed for delicate fabrics, into it. Allow the outer to soak for a few minutes, then agitate the fabric with gloved hands or a soft brush. Remove and thoroughly rinse with cool water before gently wringing excess water out. Air dry in a warm environment, ideally on a towel in an airing cupboard, or on a rack in the sun; Avoid hanging when wet as it can cause deformation.

Machine Washing

As a last resort, many of our plushies can be machine washed. With the stuffing removed, place the outer into a pillowcase to protect it before inserting it into the machine. Aggressive stain removers such as vanish oxi action should be used sparingly. Wash on a low temperature, ‘delicates’ program and avoid any fast spin cycle. Again, resist tumble drying, instead air dry, opting for a hair dryer on a warm (not hot) setting to dry stubborn damp spots.

Please note that Tomako takes no responsibility for any damage caused by improper care or washing of plushies.