Fuwa the Cat Plushie
Fuwa the Cat Plushie
Fuwa the Cat Plushie
Fuwa the Cat Plushie
Fuwa the Cat Plushie

Fuwa the Cat Plushie

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Meet Fuwa, the ultimate feline companion!

This 'purr-ty' kitty features soft white fur, adorable brown stitched facial details, and plush pink nose and ears. With a grabbable tail and an irresistible charm, Fuwa is here to whisk you away into a world of relaxation and joy.

No vets bills, flea treatments, or litter trays required - Fuwa is the low-maintenance house-cat you've always dreamed of. Whether you're feeling feline sad or simply in need of a cuddly friend, Fuwa will brighten your day with unconditional love and endless snuggles.

Complete the 'sausage softies' club by adding our lovable Doge and cuddly Dino to your collection. Together, they'll form the ultimate squad of snuggles, making every day feel like a whimsical adventure.

Get ready to press 'paws' on your worries and welcome Fuwa into your life. This purr-fect companion will bring boundless joy and warmth to your world.

Size and contents

  • Medium : 20cm / 7.87in


angel Super-soft materials make for comfortable cuddling
☁️ Filled with prime PP Cotton
yes​ Safe for children over 3 years of age
❤️ Allergy friendly

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